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SHYR SHING founded in 1983, headquartered in Taipei Taiwan has today multiple access point in Asia including Shanghai, Kunshan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Over 100 qualified and experienced employees, our mandate is to provide high quality standards of industrial machinery to global customers at a cost-effective pricing.

With over 34 years of longstanding reputation on building of high precision and accurate efficient processing of steel shearing, cutting, and slitting machines, we equip our customers with a competitive edge unmatched. SHYR SHING experienced industrial technical know-how provides serice at any one designated location from planning, designing, manufacturing, and installing to training to training.

OUR goal is to provide advanced standard and high reliability industrial machines bridging your competitiveness to the global business climate while lowering your cost of production.

1.Steel Sheet Rotary Shearing Machine
2.Steel Sheet Cut-to-Length Machine
3.Steel Sheet Length and Slit Shearing Machine
4.Steel Sheet Rotary Oscillating Shearing Machine
5.Automatic Steel Slitting Machine
6.Tension Leveler line
7.Blanking line


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